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  1. Emacs Keeps Surprising Me

    Some incredibly useful features built into Emacs that were right under my nose from day one.

  2. How to Pronounce Any English Word

    A pragmatic introduction to the International Phonetic Alphabet—or how to read those funny /ˈsɪmbəlz/ on Wiktionary.

  3. Declarative Package Configuration In 5 Lines of Emacs Lisp

    How I configure Emacs packages conditionally and with a consensual installation process.

  4. Vanilla Firefox Keyboard Mastery

    No mouse. No add-on. No problem.

  5. Rudimentary Parsing with Idiomatic POSIX Shell

    Example-driven tutorial on the versatile read(1)-while loop.

  6. How I Merged 36 Spreadsheets In 2 Minutes—LibreOffice on the Command-Line

    A brief anecdote in which I use a spreadsheet application to manipulate lots of spreadsheets without actually opening any spreadsheets.

  7. The Vim-Inspired Editor with a Linguistic Twist

    A Vim convert’s commentary on Kakoune, the selection-oriented editor focused on interactivity and incremental results—or mawww’s experiment for a better code editor.

  8. Guide to Installing the rc Shell with Line-Editing in Linux

    How to compile and install Byron Rakitzis’ reimplementation of the rc shell from Plan 9—an expressive and thoughtfully designed alternative to the ubiquitous Bourne-compatible shells of today.