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  1. Cover image: GNU Emacs logo featuring a red Gnu and blue text in a
cursive pen style

    Emacs Keeps Surprising Me

    Some incredibly useful features built into Emacs that were right under my nose from day one.

  2. Cover image: Photo of a small Latin-English dictionary opened to the page listing words like “pronounce”, “pronunciation”, etc.

    How to Pronounce Any English Word

    A pragmatic introduction to the International Phonetic Alphabet—or how to read those funny /ˈsɪmbəlz/ on Wiktionary.

  3. Cover image: Photo of the back of a 2-in-1 laptop with several stickers including Tux the penguin, the Emacs logo, one that says “linux inside” and another with a love heart followed by the words “I Lisp.”

    Declarative Package Configuration In 5 Lines of Emacs Lisp

    How I configure Emacs packages conditionally and with a consensual installation process.

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