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Command-line utility for generating RSS feeds from markup content and metadata using Pandoc. It can be used as part of a larger static site generator or simply to share a series of articles written in just about any markup language.

Licensed MIT. Source code and documentation available at


Non-rhotic phonemic steno theory, dictionary and plugin implementation for Plover.

Licensed GPL 2.0. Source code and documentation available at

Aircon theme for Emacs

Aircon is an accessible high contrast Custom theme for Emacs, consisting of a white background, highly legible blues, purples and greens for text and strong yellow highlights.

The package is available in GNU ELPA. You can install it with the commands below. See the section on Custom Themes in the Emacs manual for further instructions.

M-x package-refresh-contents RET
M-x package-install RET aircon-theme RET

Licensed GPLv3+. The source code is available at


Diagram: 3x10 grid of keys showing the ASTH-NEOI layout

If you use this layout, please let me know!

Ergonomic keyboard layout influenced by QWERTY, Colemak DH and Workman.

The distinguishing feature of ASTH-NEOI is frequent rolling of common English bigrams and trigrams. It achieves this by leveraging the somewhat novel technique of deliberately shifting the hand position away from the usual touch-typing position as a matter of habit. This way, more n-grams can be rolled.

After about 10 hours of practice over a few weeks I get speeds around 60–80 WPM. (My QWERTY speed is around 100–120 WPM.)

Public domain (Unlicense). More details and installable layout files are available at

Are keyboard layouts even copyrightable?


Two terminal windows showing gmi in action

Tiny Gemini browser written in POSIX shell. MIT License.

Source code and documentation is available at

Kakoune plugins

Plugins I made for the Kakoune text editor. They are written using Kakoune’s own DSL which relies heavily on POSIX shell.

Screenshot of in a browser window

Blog about fixed gear and single speed cycling. It covers the maths of gear ratios, bike safety and road laws, route planning and endurance, advice for buying bikes, and the fixed gear “lifestyle.”

It is built with Jekyll (MIT License) and makes use of a self-hosted GoatCounter (modified EUPL) for privacy-respecting analytics.

Content is licensed CC BY-NC-SA and made available at